Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City is a splendid real estate project. It is a significant project which will bring a revolution in the world of real estate.

This mega project is starting from 20,000 Kanals and it will be increased with time. Its site will be located in the prime location of the metropolis which will offer a luxurious lifestyle and a great environment. This project comprises both residential and commercial plots. Its No Objection Certificate (NOC) is approved by Lahore Development Authorities (LDA) and the work is started.

Master Plan

This smart city is designed by keeping in view the approach of the Township model. It is developed by Surbana Jurong who widely implemented the development plan of Europe and successfully transferred it. Furthermore, Lahore Smart City has introduced its rates of 5 Marlas, 10 Marlas, and 1 Kanal plots. They are limited in number. This city will be designed just like Capital Smart City.

Lahore Smart City master plan will possess an overseas block, educational district, a sports district, an executive block, a financial district, a health district, and a Silicon Valley. Residents of Pakistan will be able to book their plots in the residential and executive block whereas overseas Pakistanis will book their plots in the overseas block. All in all, this city comprises of all sort of things and also it provides a great range of plots in the housing society. People can choose as per their choices and comfort zone.

Districts Lahore Smart City

Following are the districts that will be a part of Lahore Smart City:

Overseas Block

Lahore Smart City master plan will comprise the overseas block which will also be residential. This block will be further divided into two types that are residential villas and residential plots. Only overseas Pakistanis can book their plots in this block. Just like other blocks, this block will also consist of all the amenities. Plus point of this block is that it will have all the necessities that people enjoy in foreign countries. This block will have a mosque, a hospital, educational institutes, restaurants, and shops.

Executive Block

This block will have all the amenities plus it will be luxurious and lavish. It will have a hypersmart, jogging tracks, retail shops, playgrounds mosques, and much more. These things will make this block a little bit more expensive but it will be worth it.

Educational District

This block will also have an educational district that will be based on the schools, colleges, and universities. It will not be specific for any specific block. Students from any block can get enrolled in it. Plus, it will also open up job opportunities for residents of Lahore Smart City. The staff of these institutes will be highly professional. In a nutshell, this block will be the educational hub of this smart city.

Sports District

The sports district of Lahore Smart City will have all the grounds for playing. It will have stadiums and large grounds including a football ground, basketball courts, cricket grounds and much more. It will also have small refreshment areas.

Health District

Just like all other facilities, this block will also have hospitals, clinics, and medical stores. All these health institutes will have highly qualified and professional staff. This district will facilitate all the residents of the Lahore Smart City without any preferences. Moreover, the hospital will have all the modern machinery, tools, and equipment that will make it authentic and up to date.

Silicon Valley

This sector will be a hub for all the activities related to information technology. Silicon Valley will have offices, software houses, customer care centers, warehouses, technology parks, and much more. Moreover, it will not only be helpful for the customers but also will be beneficial for the other residents as it will open up a pathway for better job opportunities.

Financial District

This district will be a hub of financial activities like banks, offices, retail offices, hotels, conference halls, etc. It will have all the shops and brands.


As per the plan, Lahore smart city location will be near Lahore Interchange. It is located outside of the main city. The reason behind its location is to reduce the rush so that people will indulge themselves in the serene nature around them. The exact location will be near Kala Shah Kaku, Lahore Bypass. It can be easily assessed from Lahore Sialkot Motorway, Grand Trunk Road, and Lahore.

Lahore Smart City will be accessible through the Ring road in order to connect this Smart City with Lahore. All these driving routes will take you to the city in just a few minutes. Every very main area of the city, be it commercial or visiting, can be easily accessible through it. Moreover, one of the pre-eminent universities named the University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore Campus will be just on a drive of five minutes. Likewise, Allama Iqbal Lahore Airport and DHA Lahore will be just fifteen minutes away. It will have many main spots of Lahore and they will be nearby from Lahore Smart City.


Smart cities are to improve the life standard and to increase the economic growth in the country. Lahore Smart City comprises all the important aspects that should be available in a city. Furthermore, it is modern, innovative, smart, and luxurious. Following are some of the amenities of the Lahore Smart City which makes it prominent than many other housing societies:

  • Smart Environment
  • A Smart Housing Society
  • Smart Economy
  • Great traffic Management
  • Air Pollution Control
  • Internet of Things
  • Education facility (2 Universities including National Defence University)
  • Smart Health system
  • Smart Streetlights
  • Eco Friendly
  • Proper Waste Management
  • Quality Management


Following are the developers of Lahore Smart City:

Future Developments Holdings

Future Developments Holdings (Pvt) Limited also called FDHL, is the registered partner and many companies have joined hands with them. It is one of the leading real estate developing countries. It believes in developing economic and stable communities. They have previously launched capital smart city and now they are planning to launch Lahore smart city with similar amenities. In order to make it of great standard, they are making strategic plans and designs to make it as innovative as possible.

Habib Rafiqe (Pvt) Limited

Habib Rafiqe (Pvt) Limited is one of few companies that bought a great revolution in the real estate industry of Pakistan. It is one of a few top-rated companies that actually gained the trust, and reputation of people. It has developed and designed the best and biggest infrastructures in Pakistan. Moreover, they are the finest and the leading development company in Pakistan. Lahore Smart City will also be designed by them.


No objection certificate, usually named as NOC of the Lahore Smart City is approved. It was submitted under Lahore Development authorities (LDA) and now it is approved. Soon authorities will start working on its construction.

Price Plan

Lahore Smart City Price Plan is in its starting phase which means investors can start investing in it from a relatively less price. Its price started with 18 lacs and now after revision, it is 22 lacs. Still, it is in range but after some time, its price will go higher. It is for sure that it will soon touch great heights and it will flourish.

Lahore Smart City is Pakistan’s second smart city. It has easy installment plans and you can pay it easily in three years. The booking and its payment plan vary according to the block and the size of the plot. There are mainly two types of blocks in which plots will be available in three different sizes that are 5 Marlas, ten Marlas, and 1 Kanal. According to the Lahore Smart City price plan, there will be 14 installments which will be paid in more than three years. The detailed price plan is as follow:

Sr. No Plot Type Dimensions Plot Size Category Plot Value (w/o Dev. Cost) R/P/MS Fee No. of Installments
Executive Block Overseas Block
1 Residential Plot 125 Sq Yds 5 Marla 2,160,000 2,280,000 12,000 14
2 Residential Plot 250 Sq Yds 10 Marla 3,960,000 4,080,000 15,000 14
3 Residential Plot 500 Sq Yds 1 Kanal 6,480,000 6,600,000 15,000 14

Installments breakdown:

Inst No. Executive Block Overseas Block
Installment Detail
5 Marla 10 Marla 1 Kanal 5 Marla 10 Marla 1 Kanal
1 Booking 216,000 396,000 648,000 228,000 408,000 660,000
2 Confirmation (after 1 month of Booking) 216,000 396,000 648,000 228,000 408,000 660,000
3 1st Quarter (after 3 months of Booking) 144,000 264,000 432,000 152,000 272,000 440,000
4 2nd Quarter 144,000 264,000 432,000 152,000 272,000 440,000
5 3rd Quarter 144,000 264,000 432,000 152,000 272,000 440,000
6 4th Quarter 144,000 264,000 432,000 152,000 272,000 440,000
7 5th Quarter 144,000 264,000 432,000 152,000 272,000 440,000
8 6th Quarter 144,000 264,000 432,000 152,000 272,000 440,000
9 7th Quarter 144,000 264,000 432,000 152,000 272,000 440,000
10 8th Quarter 144,000 264,000 432,000 152,000 272,000 440,000
11 9th Quarter 144,000 264,000 432,000 152,000 272,000 440,000
12 10th Quarter 144,000 264,000 432,000 152,000 272,000 440,000
13 11th Quarter 144,000 264,000 432,000 152,000 272,000 440,000
14 12th Quarter 144,000 264,000 432,000 152,000 272,000 440,000

Booking Procedure

You can book your plots now through the following steps:

  • Attach the copy of the CNIC/ Passport of the Main applicant.
  • Attach the copy of the CNIC/ Passport of the next of kin.
  • Then, attach three passport size pictures of the applicant.
  • Submit 10% down payment in favor of “Future Developments Holdings (Pvt) Limited”.

Ammanat’s Expert Opinion

The work on this project is started and hopefully, it will be soon on board in near future. Pakistan’s top real estate developers are developing this project. Moreover, they have also hired a team from Singapore which will take care of all the installation of the internet of things in this whole city. Although, it is started and investors have to wait a little bit but one thing is for sure that Lahore Smart City will worth the money and time. Overall we would like to rank this project a solid 10/10.

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