Nova City Overview:

NC Nova City Introduction:

NC Nova City is a project under construction near the CPEC route and Ring Road interchange. Nova City developers are developing this project. The area of this project comprises 8000 plus Kanal. It is a high-standard society with all the amenities that one desires to have. Nova City brings an eminent lifestyle that was just in dreams. They are bringing that dream into reality. 


Nova City has a great location with routes through which it can be easily accessed. Ring Road is not even a minute away from NC Nova City. The developers of this project make sure to provide all the amenities that one strives for. They have multiple recreational facilities like family picnic points, zoo, bird aviary, courts of all the sports, etc. Moreover, this society will also have fiber optic connectivity and the latest broadband technology. They comprise a smart waste management system that will be helpful in keeping the environment fresh, clean, and vibrant. For promoting the latest educational system, this society will have special branches of NC Nova City Premier schools and colleges. Moreover, they are trying their best to provide all the facilities that should be in a top-notch society.

Nova City Location:

Nova City Developers are making it one shop stop that will provide everything within a society. One of the best points is that all the other societies that are in the same area and they are providing the same facilities are having high price ranges as compared to NC Nova City. It is surrounded by greenery as it is located a few kilometers away from 8740 Acres Kheri Moorat National Park. Something that makes the environment of the society even more vibrant is that it is surrounded by three dams. These dams are Rama Dam, Sapiala Dam, and Kasana Dam. They not only help in enhancing the beauty of the area but also help in bringing tranquility to the environment. 

To ensure the safety and security of the clients, they have also introduced a completely new sort of booking form that will be helpful in avoiding scams or any fraud schemes. They have introduced the specific colored forms according to the plot size. And all of the forms have a special bar code that will be beneficial in avoiding scams. 

Why Nova City?

The amenities of NC Nova City include 120 feet wide road that will be connecting to the main boulevard, an amphitheater (that is not available in many great societies), a multiscreen cineplex, hospitals, food streets, free of cost- an open gym for all, dedicated community gym with the latest technology and trainers. Moreover, this community will have separate community water filtration plants, separate grid stations, efficient sewerage systems, properly paved highways, avenues, streets, and service roads. NC Nova City is a project that people longs for it. There are many other societies that are under construction near this project. But one thing that is for sure is its tranquility, serenity, and relaxation. Nova City will be one of those projects that will be worthy of all the investments you will make. Not even a single person will feel bad about investing his savings in this project.


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