New Metro City Kharian

The New Metro City Kharian will be the finest housing society that conforms to global standards when it is finished. Along the main GT road that runs between Kharian and Sarai Alamgir in District Gujrat, the future home of New Metro City Kharian will be situated. It is planned to be an upscale residential community that offers the greatest levels of both development and safety to its residents, in addition to providing them with the most modern conveniences and comforts available.

New Metro City Kharian Offers Golf Club

It is significant that New Metro City Kharian has a direct link to the neighborhood of Gujrat, since this makes the neighborhood accessible from all other parts of the city. A tale will come packaged with a plethora of high-quality educational components and features.

The New Metro City Golf Club is a championship-level, 18-hole golf course that is consistently ranked among the most challenging in the United States. This society also has public parks that provide amenities such as jogging paths, playgrounds, and tennis courts for its residents.

There is a Wellness Club on site for those who would rather work out in an environment with experienced trainers and cutting-edge equipment. This set has a coffee shop as one of its components. In addition to the many extracurricular activities, international schools in New Metro City provide opportunities for individuals to participate in sports like as horseback riding, tennis, and golf. The Jamia Mosque is a place of worship that can accommodate more than a thousand people at once because to its beautiful architecture.

Residential Sections

The community of New Metro City Kharian is one that has been given a lot of thought, and it was designed to meet the requirements of modern city dwellers. The atmosphere that residents will discover here is one that is completely secure, safe, and clean. Every single one of the house plots is a one-of-a-kind construction made specifically to fulfill the requirements of the neighborhood at a cost that is affordable. You have the ability to choose; and pick from a large number of different plot layouts and places in order to satisfy your own preferences.

All the Modern Amenities:

The availability of all required in addition to the sophisticated residential services, such as education, healthcare, and recreational services, which makes it an extremely appealing spot to call home because of the accessibility of these amenities. In addition, a broad main roadway that is well-kept and with eight lanes for traffic; which helps to maintain a consistent flow of traffic.

Playgrounds, parks, and green belts are just some of the green spaces that will be found throughout New Metro City Kharian, which help to make the city a more serene place overall. This community will be held up as a shining example of successful real estate investing because to the tremendous development, planning, as well as the leadership that is going into it.

Ensured Safety:

A primary aim is to create an atmosphere that is free from danger and conducive to the well-being of the members of society. Because of this, New Metro City Kharian has implemented a state-of-the-art security system that residents and visitors alike can rely on. To ensure the safety of those present as well as the tranquility of the surrounding region, there is always a security team there along with CCTV cameras. The authorities constructed residential plots for prospective purchasers and shareholders of the property, and they has provided a feasible payment plan for the diverse plot size. The following dimensions are available for the plots to be purchased:


When it comes to the investment in real estate, you should be aware that a No Objection Certificate has a significant amount of value. The NOC of New Metro City Kharian has been handed over to the developers after receiving approval from TMA (Tehsil Municipal Authority). As a result, you do not need to be concerned about your future investments.


Because of its location, this housing development will allow residents of the smaller settlements that are in the surrounding area to take advantage of a modern way of life inside a housing community that is up to parity with worldwide norms. The commercial establishment has a favorable location on the main GT Road because to its proximity to both the Sarai Alamgir and Kharian areas of Gujrat. Because the GT road connects numerous of the region’s tehsils and districts, traveling to Central and Northern Punjab is made more simpler. Because there aren’t many recently built conveniences in the vicinity, the land that lies between the Chenab and the Jhelum rivers is an excellent place for the development of contemporary public housing.

New Metro City Commercial Plots:

Investors who are searching for a high return on their first investment but need a low initial outlay may find the payment plan offered by New Metro City to be appealing. This plan requires a modest initial expenditure.

After the completion of New Metro City Kharian, you will love all of its characteristics, including the project’s all-inclusive payment plan. Those individuals who possess the necessary qualities will find this to be an amazing opportunity. Everyone receives a price that is commensurate with the value of their services. An agreement should be reached as quickly as possible in order to ensure that this project will generate the required amount of profit from its assets. There is a wide range of sizes accessible for residential and commercial properties, which may cater to the requirements of either investors or customers.

Adaptable Terms of Payment:

The prices vary depending on the size of the plot, and we will do everything to your specifications. The community has access to a variety of simple payment methods for their convenience. The reservation must include a deposit of 15 percent, and the remaining balance may be paid off over the course of three years. At the time of the ballot, you are required to make the payment equal to ten percent of the total payable amount.

Developers of New Metro City

The company BSM Developers is the one responsible for the New Metro City Gujar Khan. At this Mega housing society, investments have already begun to be made in projects that have a high degree of stability and a significant amount of output in an effort to strengthen the financial cycle. It’s a project that has a lot of potential for both monetary gain and professional accomplishment in the marketplace. By establishing New Metro City, the designers of BSM have been working toward their goal of making people’s lives better in less developed regions of Pakistan for the last two years. It was such a huge success that it increased the chances for investment as well as the property prices in the area. The first person who meets the requirements to invest in the New Metro City Kharian will have the opportunity to do so.

Commercial property in New Metro City is in high demand as a direct result of the city’s rich selection of viable business opportunities. The following are the sizes of commercial plots that are available:

The most essential amenities are available:

These above given are just a few of the essentials New Metro City residents can look forward to enjoying. On the other side;

As well as the Banquet halls are all available in New Metro City Kharian for multipurpose events. Many retail stores can be found in the region, including the New Metro City Mall, which has major national banks.

Key Features:

The Sarai Alamgir is the location of a significant new development known as New Metro City Kharian. Amenities according to international standards have been established in order to make the lives of the tenants as straightforward as is practically realistic. The TMA has given its approval for Sarai Alamgir to become a new metro city in Kharian. The following is a list of the most significant features of this project, in no particular order:


The neighborhood of New Metro City Kharian is designed with extreme attention to detail. On the other hand, this residential complex includes not only magnificent works of art but also all of the other components that are necessary for leading an ideal lifestyle.

In the district of Gujrat, you may find it on the Main G.T Road not far from Kharian at Sarai Alamgir.

arian at Sarai Alamgir in District Gujrat.

When Bilal Malik (grandson of Mr. Malik Riaz Hussian) introduces a home project in Kharian Sara-e-Alamgir, it is in keeping with the tradition of his family. As a developer, one of our goals is to provide investors a way to profit from their investments. Although, Metro City wants to provide the inhabitants of Kharian with a full community that may add value to their lives in addition to improve their living standard based on our extensive expertise in real estate growth as well as achievement in Gwadar Golf City.

Our track record serves as a warranty. With only a few months to go until it is ready for occupancy, our latest development, Gwadar Golf City, is near completion.

SITE's development has already begun, and we want to complete it ahead of schedule, such as we did with our last project.

When the purchaser has satisfied all of the necessary financial obligations, they will be allowed to take possession of the property. On the other hand, they had planned in the beginning to take possession of the home within three years of the time they booked it, but we wanted to move quicker.

You may now see the master plan for New Metro City Kharian on the public website that we have created; for further information, please go here.

Additionally, if you pay for the Plot in full at the time of booking, you will get a discount of five percent off the total price of the Plot.

The cost of the Development Fees is included into the Plot Price.

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