Nova City is a spot on the route of CPEC and Ring Road. It will be a meeting point on the route of CPEC and Ring Road Interchange. There are many other great projects that will be built near Nova City Islamabad. There are many other development projects that are also RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority) approved. Such projects include Expo center, education city, etc. Nova City has world-class landscape parks. It comprises 8740 Acres.

Master Plan

This project comprises a great master plan which makes it a small city within a city. This small city named Nova City will have all the facilities within it. It will have everything from a recreational space, shopping malls to mosques and graveyards. It is designed in a way that it will also have food streets in it. Moreover, Nova City will have a proper division because of which this city will be environmentally friendly. With all the other facilities, it was made sure to have such an area which will help the residents in refreshing themselves and in providing serenity. Map of Nova City is as follows:

Map Of Nova City
Map Of Nova City


Nova City is located near the CPEC and Ring Road Interchange. It is located in a prime location through which many other locations can be accessible. Three dams are surrounding Nova City named Rama Dam, Kasana Dam, and Sapiala Dam that are also near this city. Importantly, the Islamabad International Airport will also be easily accessible from Nova City. Its location will help the residents to reach any economic, social, or commercial spot easily.


Nova City is a small build on modern standards. It will have all luxuries that will redefine the living standards. The plus point of this city is that it is luxurious but an affordable project for the ones who really want to invest in it or live in it. The amenities of Nova City are following:

Shopping Districts

There are shopping districts in Nova City which will have all the important shopping centers there. This will help the residents to get whatever they want without going somewhere out. Shopping districts will also have all the local and international brands in them.

Birds Aviary

Birds’ aviaries will be in Nova City. They will help in enhancing the beauty of this place and also help birds freely living in the place. Bird aviaries will not be based on small cages. It will have huge, big, and airy spots with green patches, plants, and shrubbery to give them a better and open living experience.


In order to engage children and enhance the beauty of Nova City, there will be a zoo. This will comprise all the types of animals be them aquatic or others.

Multiple Family Picnic Points

Nova City will have multiple family picnic points so that families can enjoy and live here without worrying about anything.


Nova City will have an amphitheater i.e. an open place in an oval or circular shape. It will be used for any kind of performance, sports, or entertainment. This theater will be openly used by the people and different performances will be scheduled here for the entertainment purpose of residents.

Multiscreen Cineplex

Nova City has a great concern with the serenity and entertainment of people. So, with all other amenities, the developers made sure that there will also be a multiscreen cineplex so that the residents can enjoy the graphics at their own pace.


While designing the city, its greenery was one of the most important concerns for the designers. This is because the lush green environment not only radiates a positive vibe but also provides peace, serenity, and comfort to the people of Nova City.

Grand Mosque

Nova City will have a grand mosque for the people where residents can pray five times a day. In this mosque, the residents can also send their children to learn and recite the Holy Quran.

Food Street

Nova City will have many great food streets which will have all types of food in it. These food streets will have all Pakistani cuisines as well as international food spots in them.

Bowling Alley

Nova City will have a bowling alley where people will enjoy bowling and will have great fun.

Skating Ring

There will be a separate skating ring in the society which will be there for the kids to play and to learn how to skate. Adults can also take advantage and skate here.

Kids Fun Zone

With all other recreational and entertainment activities, there will be a fun zone for kids. In this fun zone, kids will enjoy and play whatever game they want to play.

Nova City Schools

The society will have the biggest campus of NOVA City schools and colleges. It will have educational institutes that will be second to none. Highly qualified teachers will be hired to teach the students in the best possible way. Also, the focus of teachers will be building concepts rather than cramming the study material.


Nova City will also have a hospital that will treat all sorts of patients. This world-class hospital will have all the equipment and highly professional and qualified doctors.

Tennis Court

The community of this city will also have tennis courts where people can practice and play the games freely.

Basketball Court

Nova City will have basketball courts in which players can come and play professionally.

Cricket Nets

There will be cricket nets too where all the cricket lovers, regardless of their age will be able to play.

Table Tennis

The residents of Nova City will have the equipment of table tennis in the particular area. They will play and learn the game.

Squash Court

Those who love to play squash will have an area where they will play here. People play squash all over the world.

Badminton Court

Nova City will also have a badminton court. People, regardless of their age and gender, love to play it. Children can also practice it and play it.

Walking and Jogging Track

There will be a separate walking and jogging track where people can walk and jog without getting worried about heavy traffic.

Open Gym

Nova City Islamabad will have open gyms. People can use that free of cost. They will not have to pay a penny for using these open gyms.

Dedicated Community Gym

There will also have dedicated community gyms. Those who will use it will have to pay for it. This dedicated gym will have all the modern facilities and tools for exercise and bodybuilding. Professional trainers will also be there to guide and train people.

Snooker and Billiard Room

For the lovers of snooker and billiard, there will be a separate place. Residents can play in groups or as partners too.

Nova City will have complete facilities with the amenities to make the life of the residents without any tension. There will be 24/7 security to make residents feel safe and secure. There are a 120 feet wide main Boulevard which will connect the whole community. All the electrical connections will be underground this will make all the connections secure. Similarly, the modern and one of the most efficient systems will be used for the sewerage system. All the spots will have a dedicated grid station. For the whole city, there will be separate water filtration plants that will provide pure water to the residents.

All the streets of Nova City Islamabad will have proper and functional street lights. Fast working internet will also be provided to the residents with the help of broadband technologies and with fiber optics. This society will have paved highways, avenues, streets, and service roads. Unlike many other societies, there will be a graveyard within the city too. Importantly, there will also be a proper garbage management system that will not stop making humps of garbage and waste material.


The developers of Nova City will be Nova City Developers. They have already completed and developed all the committed projects. None of their projects were delayed or not delivered. They are working since 1975 which makes them trustworthy and credible. Their delivered projects include commercial, social and residential places.


The developers are actively looking for the NOC (No Objection Certificate) which will be approved soon. We will surely inform you about its approval soon.

Price Plan

nova city islamabad

Development Status

Nova City is in its pre-launching state. Its proper development will soon be started soon.

Booking Procedure

The booking procedure for a slot in Nova City Islamabad is very simple. Following are some easy steps:

  •  2 CNIC copies of Main Applicant
  • Two passport size photographs of Main Applicant
  •  2 CNIC copies of Nominee/Next of Kin
  •  Two passport size photographs of Nominee/Next of Kin

Ammanat Expert Opinion

Nova City is a very interesting project, with developers of New City Taxilla this is going to be one amazing project. The location is also quite unique with 2 main hubs the CPEC Road & its own dedicated interchange which the developer is committing will make this project a solid investment opportunity. The developer has a vast experience in running schools & will be launching another Nova School in Nova City.

Furthermore, there is a wide option of 5marla to 2 Kanal option for plots on a easy monthly 4 years payment plan. This makes it very suitable for most employed and middle income personnel. The prices given its vicinity are not by any means excessive. The developer has previously delivered a project and is very well known in the real estate community. He has therefore planned a lot of different and unique facilities in Nova City.

Lastly the NOC & legalities is an aspect we are all considering, however the developer is firm that they will be attaining NOC very soon from TMA. We must include that if someone is looking to invest for a year or less we can seriously consider this project as it is its pre-launch stage and will fetch healthy returns as per our analysis. All things considered we will rank this project a solid 8/10.

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