The CDA seals the marketing and sales department of One Constitution Avenue

Capital Development Authority’s building control division seals the marketing and sales division of One Constitution Avenue. After acquiring all the data, CDA took over One Constitution Avenue’s administration. Further, CDA appoints the Director of Estate Management II as administrator. The news regarding’ The CDA sealing the marketing and sales department of One Constitution Avenue, is admirable.

Strict Action against Non-Payment of Dues: Property Lease Revoked as Per Supreme Court Orders ensuring accountability

As per the details, they recently cancel the lease for the property due to non-payment of dues, in compliance with the orders of the Supreme Court. Previously, in 2015, they withdrew the lease and allowed the developer to clear the amount in that year within a given timeframe, but there was no compliance by the developer regarding the orders at that time. As a result, the authorities confiscated the records and took over control of the office in question.

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Integrated Approach: CDA Committee with Officers from Estate, Finance, Enforcement, and Building Control Wings

 Furthermore, Capital Development Authority has been named Administrator One Constitution for Director Estate Management-II. Moreover, along with the CDA Committee, the One Constitution Avenue Resident Committee will oversee daily operations. Also, the officers from the Estate Department, Finance Wing, Enforcement, and Building Control will be participating in the CDA committee.

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